Grease Monkey; Mowing Frenzy


Posted by admin | Posted in Trees, Vegetable Garden | Posted on May 26, 2008

While I changed out the plugs, wires, & distributor cap on the old truck, Ryan mowed the entire yard AND got the push-mower running and did trim clean-up.  Looks GREAT!  We took the truck out for a test spin around the (huge) block, and it’s running like new.  How awesome is that!?

We then proceeded to mulch and water the entire vegetable garden, and plant the 2 wedding trees.  In there somewhere, I changed my oil and Ryan worked with the compost bins.  Wow, it’s 7:30 and we never ate lunch?  Time to make supper then.

We are hurtin’!  Sore and tired, Ryan fell asleep on the couch during an episode of Seinfeld.  That’s how I know he’s had a hard day.

Watch for more photos on Wednesday!

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Bridget and Ryan…
I was content with my yard and my meager landscaping and pitiful garden. I thought my hanging plants were cute….and that maybe my tomatoes might live to see the end of July. I was even a little proud that I was able to pull my annuals through the spring in spite of bothersome frost advisories….now…now that I’ve read the work you’ve done, I feel lazy.

Cute blog, at any rate. Keep it up….and get some google ad sense on here. Make it earn it’s keep!

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