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Today we started our indoor seeds. Two weeks behind last year, but the snow really put a damper on our gardening spirits.

We planted: canning/cutting tomatoes, Roma tomatoes (for sauces), yellow pear tomatoes, hot pepper mix, jalapenos, sweet peppers, cauliflower, marigolds, impatiens, and snapdragons.

My sister provided us with two light fixtures and I filled them with grow-light bulbs in preparation of the new sprouts. Can’t wait to give it a try!

Spring Thundersnow


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We have snow again. Seventeen inches of the stuff. I was too depressed to take an updated photo of the yard, but just imagine solid WHITE and 3-foot snowbanks and you’re nearly there. We already had the plow off the truck for what we thought was the last time this season. Little did we know. Needless to say, this will set our gardening back a few weeks. Sigh.

Today’s Report from the National Weather Service:

“A late-season winter storm produced heavy, wet snow and occasional thundersnow across parts of central and northeast Wisconsin on March 22-23, 2011.  During the two-day period, many locations reported over a foot of snow.  Green Bay officially recorded 17.8 inches.  That’s the highest snowstorm total in over 120 years of weather records; only two storms produced more snow (29.0″ in March 1888 and 23.1″ in January 1889).  In addition, this storm is the third one this season to produce 10 inches or more of snow in Green Bay, the first time that’s ever happened during a winter season.”

If you’re curious, click on the thumbnail to see more lovely details. I’ll think I’ll go seed shopping to improve my mood. :)

Winter Cleanup


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Today is our first warm weekend day, so I’m taking advantage of it. Our flower bed “winter interest” is still sitting out in all its decayed glory, and the time has come to be done with it in preparation for new spring growth.

Here are before and after shots of my work on the front bed, but I actually cleaned up a total of five flower beds today.



I filled the compost bin to overflowing!

Returning Birds


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Today I heard the call of a mourning dove for the first time this season. I also saw FIVE chubby robins pecking around the backyard. Spring is on its way!

Summer 2010


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I know my previously-loyal readers (all three of them) were disappointed to see my 2010 posts trail off last April. The explanation for this was lack of both garden and blog time due to a bathroom remodel and the rigorous training schedule of a triathlon.

I’m happy to say I completed my first-ever sprint-length triathlon on July 11, 2010. The bathroom remodel was pretty much finished by October, but with all DIY projects, there are still a few finishing touches remaining.

I’m currently in the process of back-filling entries for 2010. I apologize for the delay, and hope to stay more on top of things this year.

Happy growing!

Fruit Tree Pruning


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Yay! We took advantage of the early warm weather today to prune our fruit trees. We’re nearly a month ahead of last year, so we’re doing good!

Squash Bonanza


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Today I picked over 40 squash from the garden. That’s just insanity. Reminder to ourselves for next year: we don’t need this much winter squash.

I have to admit it is fun to give them away, and they do store a long time in the garage, but still. Craziness.

Grapes From Mom


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Today we started our first batch of grape wine ever. We’ve made several batches of “country” wines (made from other fruits) but never a grape wine.

These La Croix grapes were handpicked by my mother in her backyard.

Keep your fingers crossed that this turns out!

Garden Check-In


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Here’s are photos of our garden on August 6, 2010. Click each for a larger view.

I picked 28 cucumbers today!

Canning Begins


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Our crop of wax beans has done remarkably well this year! These should definitely last us through the winter and I imagine next winter as well. haha!

I wish our green beans would be of this same abundance and quality, but I can’t seem to find a variety as nice as these. We’ll try a different one next year.