Plumbing & Sprouts


Posted by admin | Posted in Trees | Posted on May 20, 2008

If you haven’t heard, the water pipe leading to the outdoor spigot on the “barn” is leaking.  Tonight Ryan and I attempted to fix it.  We’ve installed a water softener – this should be a piece of cake.  The bad news is that the CPVC pipe that was there originally did not really line up with the metal pipe coming out of the ground.  We had to cheat to get it to work.  The good news is that the project is done.  If it stays dry, it’s good enough for us, because that will mean we can turn on the water to the exterior faucets and use a hose!

Since the plumbing project took longer than expected, we only had time to plant the 11 Arbor Day trees in pots before dark.  We plan to assess each tree’s will-to-live later this season to determine which are ready for planting.

After dark, I started a jar of alfalfa sprouts and another of mung bean sprouts for fun.  I enjoy watching them grow each day, on my own kitchen counter.  We’ll have to plan a stir fry next week.

Seeds & Trees At Our Door


Posted by admin | Posted in Trees | Posted on May 19, 2008

Tonight I tried to attend a Home Depot Do-It-Herself clinic on Outdoor Water Conservation (appropriate, I felt, during a month where we are 2 inches under average rainfall).  Apparently I registered too late or was the only person interested, because there was no one there to give the presentation.  Bummer.

Upon arriving home, my unproductive evening was made up for when I found my Mom had dropped by and left us goodies at our door: A Twizzler’s box full of garden seeds, 2 trees from our wedding (yay!), and 11 assorted baby trees from The Arbor Day Foundation.

Thanks Mom!