About The Bees

My husband and I started this blog to document our progress in our garden and around our property.  We really enjoy remembering how much work it all is… I think that helps one appreciate it more.  We can also re-live the excitement with before/after photos!

I enjoy every step along the way – working outdoors, the satisfaction of bigger plants and blooms over the years, watching the bees at work, harvesting pounds and pounds of veggies from a single seed, freezing & canning, sharing fresh-cut flowers from my own garden, seeing composted yard waste return to the earth, eating organic, relaxing after a hard day’s work…

For others, I hope our lessons-learned help you with your own gardening.  Plus, we have a lot to learn from you too!  Thanks for visiting.

For those who have asked, we are located in northeastern Wisconsin, in climate zone 5a.